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Chief Justice Sell Out


Roberts Joins Four Elitists to Impose ObamaCare

By Wayne Jett © June 28, 2012

          Benedict Arnold committed no greater betrayal of Americans than has his 21st Century counterpart: John Roberts. Arnold abused his appointed position of trust in General Washington’s Revolutionary Army by scheming to hand over West Point to British Redcoats. Chief Justice Roberts joined the ranks of traitors to the cause of individual liberty, turned his back on all who supported his appointments to the Supreme Court and as Chief Justice, and stripped away hard-won political rights of ordinary Americans. Elitists now control access to health care and can rule from above as they please.

          Even Justice Anthony Kennedy, long celebrated by elitist media as the Supreme Court “centrist,” agreed with three other justices that the Affordable Health Care Act is void entirely because it violates the limits of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. This being the case, only the vote of the Chief Justice was required to extinguish ObamaCare as the abominable assault on personal liberty and the right to life that it is.

        But this prompt abolition of ObamaCare was not to be. All of the sturm und drang of the Senate confirmation process, during which Roberts presented himself as a committed protector of constitutional rights, is now proven to have been a charade. Or, at least, it has become meaningless in the final outcome because, even if Roberts meant it at the time, he buckled in the breach.

          Quoting Lee at Gettysburg: “Too bad. Oh, too, too bad.”

          The consequences of Roberts’ malfeasance will be worse for all Americans than Lee’s defeat at Gettysburg was for the South. Though the personal mandate of the AHCA was called a penalty, not a tax, it can now be called a tax in order to cloak the legislative act with Congress’ unlimited power to tax. Every limitation on federal power in the Constitution may be overcome by the same means, so long as the Court is equally submissive to the elitist agenda as it was in this case.

          Chief Justice Roberts, you have failed to achieve the potential for protecting individual liberty entrusted with you by your former supporters. We find no solace in the tortured logic of your written decision. You will have to find solidarity in the future with the elitists Breyer, Ginsberg, Sotomajor, Kagan and those who put them on the Court. This is a sad, sad day for us. ~